We typically worship as a community in our sanctuary. Our worship can be described as friendly, warm, and vibrant. We view worship as something we offer to God. It is one of our gifts to the Lord. We also believe that God is active in our worship. As God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit share in an intimate self-relationship, we believe that we are invited into that communion through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sunday Gatherings (10:30 AM)
This worship service is rooted in the liturgical and a confessional expressions of Christian worship but we believe that there are a variety of whole and healthy styles of worship that have appeared in a variety of eras and places.
Communion Calendar
The Faith teaches us that Jesus gives us unprecedented access and relationship with God. Around the Lord's Table we celebrate this on-going relationship as we give thanks to God, receive forgiveness, offer penitent hearts, and ask God to strengthen the weaknesses of our humanity.
Are you thinking about being our guests for the first time? Great!  We would love to host you and welcome you into our community We are easy to find in the heart of North Canton.