Sunday Gatherings

Holy Communion


Holy Communion

The Faith teaches us that Jesus gives us unprecedented access and relationship with God. Around the Lord's Table we celebrate this on-going relationship as we give thanks to God, receive forgiveness, offer penitent hearts, and ask God to strengthen the weaknesses of our humanity.

All are welcomed to join us for this on-going celebration and all those who are baptized into the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are welcome to eat at the table.

If you are interested in or have questions about The Lord's Supper or Baptism, please contact the church office.

Holy Communion Celebration

In the common memory of many, the primary way that Presbyterians celebrate the Lord's Supper is to receive the elements in the pews as the elders and deacons serve the congregation. This is a particularly powerful form of communion as it emphasizes the grace of God going out into the world, just as the ancient scriptures speak of God's Spirit going out from Mount Zion. This form of communion is familiar to most of the long-term Presbyterians in our local congregation. We celebrate this form of communion throughout the year on Sunday mornings.

Holy Week Celebration

Each year we commemorate the life and death of Jesus during Holy Week, just before Easter. On the last Thursday before Easter, sometimes called Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday, we celebrate during worship as we gather around the communion table. We pass the bread and the cup, pray, and share in the moment together as we reflect on the power of God in the fragility of the cross.