Who We Are

As a congregation, we are celebrating over 50 years of ministry in Stark County. However, within the Reformed Tradition, we are continuously asking God to give us new hearts, new life, and a renewed sense of ministry for our community. With the grace of God, and rooted in God's Word, we are finding this renewal. We pray that as you find out more about what Jesus is doing in our midst, you will come and join us in a new and profound ministry to Stark County.

Community Life
At Northminster, we believe that people grow the best when they are involved in large, medium, and small groups.
Northminster Info
We are a Christ-centered body of believers who seek to live out an appropriate response to God's gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.
Ministry Team
In addition to our church officers, the support team consists of those who help organize, facilitate, encourage, and promote your meaningful ministry in the world and with the church.
As with all families, our faith family needs to stay in touch and keep up to date with each other. We do so through the "Northminster News" weekly newsletter.
Student Ministries (6th through 12th grades)
Our Youth Group includes kids from 6th grade through 12th grade. Keeping this group involved and focused on Christ is essential to their well-being.