Sunday Gatherings

Holy Communion


Sunday Gatherings - 10:30 am

This worship service is rooted in the liturgical and uses confessional expressions of Christian worship. However, we believe that there are many whole and healthy styles of worship that have appeared in a variety of eras and places. For us, the content and understanding of what is taking place during worship is more important than disagreements over style.

Each week we praise God, celebrate God's salvation and grace, ask for forgiveness, seek to hear God's word, and confess the faith through scriptures and historical creeds. We are led in worship by adults, teens, and children; through music and prayer, preaching and silent reflection. We have a variety of music groups that appear on a regular basis. Above all, we prayerfully ask that we would bring honor and glory to God as we meet the Living Jesus, receive the Holy Spirit, and join one another as God sends us in ministry.

Northminster Sermon Series

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